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No person has the right to rain on your dreams. ...
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True love begins when nothing is looked for in return...
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If youve been married for 400 years as I have its nice to experience first love again and you can vi...
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Why are the words goodbye Im sorry and I love you So easily pronounced but seem so difficult to say ...


TEACHERThere is a frogShip is sinkingpotatoes cost Rs 3kg .Thenwhat is my age STUDENT32 yrs. TEACHER...


pour kisses made my lips your tears made my eyesbr ur perfume made my nose ur voice made my earsbr...


Hey honey nbsp nbsp Love itself is the best feeling in the world one can have. Love is a feeling which ma


You leaned over and you kissed me I felt my knees go weak. You leaned over you k


Flirt With Your Body The body language you use when you flirt is just as important as what you say.

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The Perfect Love Card: Convey Love With Words And Pictures !

Love needs labour! It is never easy to impress your beloved unless your dedication shows. The best way to convey it this Valentine's Week is to prepare hand-made cards and enrich them with beautiful quotes, shayari's and Rose day pictures!

Propose Day Tips: 10 Ways To Make A Proposal Painless !

'Propose Day' is round the corner. Possibly you are beginning to feel that the time is correct, however simply not certain how to go about it. Well gentlemen, in case you're prepared to take the notorious "dive," then here are a few tips to make your proposal easy and one that she will always remember.

Forget Laila-Majnu, it's time to get real!

From childhood, our perception of romantic love is shaped by a number of ways: Mills & Boons books, Bollywood and Hollywood movies, TV serials, other classic romantic novels, and of course, the legends of Laila-Majnu, Shirin-Farhad etc.