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Its not hard to find someone who tells you they love you its hard to find someone who actually means...
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I had a lovers quarrel with the world....
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Love is when two people know everything about eachother and are still friends....
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Allow me to whisper. No matter who I am Thinking my heart will always and only stunned to you. never...


Way to impress girl Respect her honor her love her protect her care 4 her obey her sacrifice 4 her. ...


Ram ji the ayodhya aur krishna ji the Mathura ke Vaasi.. Wah Wah... Ram ji they Ayodhya aur Krishna ...


Dear bunny nbsp You are my all time pass as you know. Sometimes I feels like you are good or sometimes it makes me f


Age of six He loved her so And everyday He39d let her know nb


Relax Dont put pressure on yourself to be wittysmart or alluring.Dont get caught up in the versi

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The Perfect Love Card: Convey Love With Words And Pictures !

Love needs labour! It is never easy to impress your beloved unless your dedication shows. The best way to convey it this Valentine's Week is to prepare hand-made cards and enrich them with beautiful quotes, shayari's and Rose day pictures!

Propose Day Tips: 10 Ways To Make A Proposal Painless !

'Propose Day' is round the corner. Possibly you are beginning to feel that the time is correct, however simply not certain how to go about it. Well gentlemen, in case you're prepared to take the notorious "dive," then here are a few tips to make your proposal easy and one that she will always remember.

Forget Laila-Majnu, it's time to get real!

From childhood, our perception of romantic love is shaped by a number of ways: Mills & Boons books, Bollywood and Hollywood movies, TV serials, other classic romantic novels, and of course, the legends of Laila-Majnu, Shirin-Farhad etc.