Teddy Bear Day Jokes ( 79 )

Teddy Bear Day Jokes

We all know that humor has a tremendous value in everyone’s life. There is something special in people who can make others laugh. Well, having a person in your life who is funny is the greatest blessing. Imagine you are going through some bad phase, someone tells you a funny joke and you start laughing like crazy. At that time, you forget all your problems and enjoy those moments as if nothing bad has happened to you.

Moreover, humor is the most important characteristic women search in their life partners. This is because they know spending their life with someone who can make them laugh out loud is the best thing they can do to themselves.  This is indeed very true! By bonding with a person who is funny, you are getting into a relationship that will last forever. This is because your partner’s nature will be such that he will make you laugh no matter the situation. That means, you will live happily with him till the end of your life. Well, there are many more advantages of getting a man who has a good sense of humor.

So, if you too want to be a good partner for your lady, make sure to tickle her funny bone from now onward. Make her happy on every special day with your humor button. And when talk about special occasions, how can be the teddy day left behind? Besides surprising your lady with a cute teddy bear on 10th of February, also make sure to send a few teddy day jokes on her mobile phone. These jokes will not only make her laugh, but will tell her that you care a lot about her happiness.

You can take help of this ‘Teddy Day Jokes’ section for good jokes to share with your girl on teddy day!


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