How is it that you have touched my

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    How is it that you have touched my heart deeply, sincerely I feel I hear you calling my name with every breath you take. Is this my destiny in life to fall in love with you? I wish I knew… I wish I could carry you in the night sky and touch all the stars with you.

    Give you a dream that you have never dreamt. Give you a heart that has never felt beat with a loving desire as mine. You have done something to me truly in words I cannot explain. I feel I have touched the stars with every dream in my midnight slumber.

    I see you there yet miles away and try to come closer to hold you in my romantic embrace. Caress you into a sweet exstacy of the star lit night. Giving you my heart and reminding you as you place your hand up my heart “this is the stuff dreams are made of”

    Where did you come from? How did you find me? Are you a dream? An Angel? A Love that I hold in my heart so deep? Time will only know that our two hearts are meant to be. I wish every day that I could finally hold you in my arms and kiss you ever so gently knowing that you have been here all along.

    One day I will know and so will you and I am sure we will be the happiest two could ever be in life….. in love……and in heart.

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