Why do you love me so I ask

  • January 22, 2018  |  [ View 2676 ]  | 

    My Love!

    Why do you love me so I ask myself, and still the answer remains a question. We are apart, but one day, I am not going to have to write you letters.

    One day, I’ll see more of you than just words on a screen I’ll scent more than just your memory on my pillowcase Touch more than just the flatness of a photograph Taste more than just the aching memory of a kiss One day soon, the last thing I hear after ‘good night’ Won’t be the lonely whine of a hung-up phone – And the harsh click and the empty silence That frames the endless miles between us..

    One day soon, the sound I hear Will be the soft whisper of your breathing, the rhythmic throb of you heartbeat… The magic of ‘I love you’ as I am at last allowed to sleep Safe and loved once more within your arms. One day we will be together, forever… Again.

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