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    Love Letters for Him ( 62 )

    When I kiss you

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    When I kiss you, I feel like the sun shine’s from my heart above the Earth, that your lips a...
    It is Because of Him

    Views [ 1433 ] Post on : July 13, 2013

    Who would have ever thought that I would find in you what it means to "love"? You have t...
    There is one man

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    There’s just one man that could make the sun to shine earlier when I’m upset, that cou...
    My miracle

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    It’s a bright patch of sky somewhere that my hand can reach, it’s a charming piece of ...

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    Happiness is a lively smile hanging of a sparks of a look, a kiss to sweet tangled thru rebel stra...
    Lust of you

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    I’m desire  you from the first moment in which our lips apart, I miss you from the firs...
    To My Amazing Guy

    Views [ 2673 ] Post on : July 13, 2013

    I just want to say that I love you and thank you for all the love and happiness you've brought...
    I Love you my life

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    You are the man, who has brought back, all the joy and happiness in my life, which I’d been ...

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