Promise Day Letters ( 11 )

Promise Day Letters

How will you make promise to your partner on promise day? Perhaps you will send him/her a promise day card or SMS him/her the list of promises. How about writing a promise day letter to your lover? Even in this internet age, nothing beats getting letters from someone you love. Moreover, there is something incredibly romantic about a piece of paper that depicts a person’s deepest feelings. Unfortunately, it is generally the convenience of instant messaging along with other technological things that’s killing off the letters. How many of us have the time to sit down and put efforts into writing something very personal on a piece of paper? You can easily make a phone call or message your loved one to show them you love them. But have you ever realized the importance of writing a letter? Although it takes considerable time to pen down your feelings on paper, but a letter can truly express what’s deep inside your heart. It acts a medium to convey those feelings that cannot be expressed through any other way. Moreover, nothing is more heartfelt than a letter that clearly shows how much your beloved means to you.

Imagine your girlfriend or wife receiving a promise day letter from your end on Feb 11. The moment she opens it, she smiles and realizes her value in your life. This sweet act of yours will not only convey your promises to her, but will also take both of you on the path of everlasting love.

So, to make your bond stronger with your lover, it’s recommended to write a promise day letter to him/her. If you cannot write a letter by yourself, take help of this section. The letters given here are perfect to send on promise day.

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