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Promise Day Pictures

Promise Day is the fifth day of Love Week which falls on 11th of February every year. This day is made for the purpose to promise your lover for true and forever love and care. On this day, people also make promise for marriage, promise to be honest to their partners and promise to live with them with a heart full of love, and so on.

Well, promise day is of much importance for the couples. It brings satisfaction to their life. Not just this! Lovers feel more affectionate and responsible to their partners. They strive harder to be together with each other, in both good and bad times. Moreover, it should not be noted that many couples are very casual about giving promises to their partners. As a result, pledges are taken at the drop of a hat with no intension of keeping them. And when such promises are broken, it greatly affects the relationship in a negative way. The person to whom promise was made gets hurt deeply and may ultimately drift apart from the person who made the promise. So, when you make promises to your lover, do so with the intension of nurturing a healthy relationship. Best is to make promises that are easy to keep. For example – you can promise to share your password with your darling or promise to be honest with him/her etc.

One way to promise your partner is by meeting him/her directly and taking vows. You can also buy a greeting card, write your promises in it and send the card to your lover. What’s more? You can even send promise day pictures on their mobile phones. This way of making promise to your lover is the best and also works well for people who you are not able to meet their partners in person.

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