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Rose Day Pictures

Rose Day Pictures

Every year, 7th of February is celebrated as Rose Day all across the globe. This day also marks the beginning of love Week or simply, the Valentines’ Week. Each day of this week bears a specific name and there are tons of theories about what couples should do on these days. Rose day is generally regarded as the day to express one’s feelings to another, be it the feelings of romantic love, love at first sight or the desire to know someone better. Since Rose Day is followed by Propose Day, it is believed that a rose is offered to someone before asking him/her to go out for a date or for simply proposing him/her for marriage.

Today, different varieties of roses are employed to express different sentiments, allowing us to make our intentions clearly known by presenting the rose of a particular color to someone. A red rose is a symbol of passionate and romantic love, whereas a white rose is a sign of purity and peace. Orange roses indicate desire and passion for someone, while yellow roses are a symbol of care and friendship.

If you are also want to convey your feelings to your loved ones this Rose Day, buy as many roses as your budget allows, and send them to those dear people. If you are planning to woo your partner, grab a beautiful bouquet of red roses for him/her. Also, greet your lover in the morning by sending a lovely rose day picture to his/her mobile phone. All these things are sure to make your darling go crazy!

You can scroll through this section to find unique and lovely rose day pictures. These pictures are just the right way to send the greetings for Rose Day to someone special in your life. We also hold an amazing collection of pictures which are great to send to other loved ones in your life such as friends, colleagues, parents and relatives.

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