Funny Love Poems ( 19 )

  • July 13, 2013
    Funny Girl...

    Oh, complex funny girl!
    So intimately shy you’ve grown to me.
    When you dance the dance of a thousand questions
    Around me, all I can do is smile.
    And you prance around with a head full of worries.
    Worries ...

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  • July 13, 2013
    Being the Player...

    Doesn't it seem kind of funny
    That we always want to be the player
    The one that's in the action
    The one that's in the spotlight

    Doesn't it seem kind of funny
    That we ca solve all the problems<...

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  • July 13, 2013
    Night Time...

    It’s funny to stay here alone
    With darkness all over you
    When death is finally so near
    You start to realize
    Little things lying around here

    Deep night is actually not frightening
    Your worries and...

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  • July 13, 2013
    Oh So Beautiful...

    Oh, so beautiful
    It hurts to look at you
    Most beautiful and gorgeous girl

    It hurts
    Because you're oh so beautiful
    Yet you simply have no idea
    Of how beautiful you are


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  • July 13, 2013
    The Fool In You...

    So funny how you think
    When you chat with your friends and drink
    So funny the words you speak
    Forgetting it is your secret you leak

    You laugh at those you rate
    They are below you so you hate
    You have f...

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  • July 13, 2013
    Laughing At Ourselves...

    Some people have this tenancy
    to make others feel sad,
    some even torment just
    to make others get mad.
    Little ole me
    I like to brighten up
    everyone’s day with laughter
    by telling a joke or tw...

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  • July 13, 2013
    My Funny Man...

    Love makes many lose temper
    Others get hurt
    Some even cry and forget about their existence
    Unlike my funny man
    He is always happy
    Laughing and cracking jokes all the time
    Amazing how funny he is


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  • July 13, 2013
    I am funny...

    Yeah I am funny,
    When I laugh, when I cry,
    In my dreams, when I scream,
    Yeah that's me, I am funny.

    Yeah I am funny,
    All the time, when I bath,
    When I talk, when I walk
    Yeah that's me, I...

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  • July 13, 2013
    How To Make You Funny...

    How to make you funny?
    And you are always funny,
    You hide it and
    It is still funny,
    And that makes me laugh.

    How to make you serious?
    And you can not be serious,
    Funny is funny,
    And being...

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  • July 13, 2013
    The Funniest Thing...

    The things I find funny
    People don’t laugh
    Things I don’t find funny
    People always laugh
    The funny thing is
    When I find things funny
    People laugh


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  • July 13, 2013
    Nothing is ever wrong...

    It's funny that you lie to me
    It's funny that you want to change who I will be

    It's funny that I go along with it
    Even though it makes me feel like shit

    It's funny how you're perfect

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  • July 13, 2013
    Its So Funny...

    it's funny how hello is always accompanied with goodbye
    it's funny how good memories can start to make you cry
    it's funny how forever never seems to last
    it's funny how much you'd lose if you forgot about...

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  • July 13, 2013
    When all the Songs are Over...

    When all the songs are over
    and all the words been said
    The sun grows dim across the sky
    and the world prepares for bed

    I oft can take a moment now
    to view the sky above
    and whisper God a simpl...

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  • July 13, 2013
    The Day I Remember...

    I opened my eyes
    I looked to the sky
    the birds were singing and whistling by
    my heart got thirst to fly

    I stretched my hands
    and put on my band
    I got out of the bed
    and forced myself to go ahead...

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  • July 13, 2013
    A Night With My Lady...

    Her body glistens in the light
    I urge to play with her all night
    I pick her up and hold her steady
    Take a deep breath, we both are ready.

    I run one hand up her long neck
    Just touching her makes me euphoric

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  • July 13, 2013
    When Darkness Falls...

    When darkness falls and we're apart
    Can love heal this lonely heart
    I love you dearly that I do
    Sleep is good when dreaming of you
    With all my love I give to you
    You are so sweet I know not how I'm with...

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  • July 13, 2013
    My Lips Are Full of Kisses...

    My lips are full of kisses
    they pucker and plump when you are near,
    This pair isn't happy until your lipstick we smear,
    My lips are full of kisses
    even now they move your way
    for the promise of heaven is ju...

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  • July 13, 2013
    I Found My Love...

    Sat in a shadow,
    All alone,
    Never had love,
    Never had anything to be honest,
    I’ve been hidden away for many many years.

    But finally,

    I’ve had the courage to go out side,
    My first s...

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  • July 13, 2013
    It was funny to Think...

    It was funny to think,
    That you loved me.
    It was funny to hope,
    That we would last forever.
    It was funny to believe,
    That you ever loved me.
    It is funny to me,
    That I would love someone,

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