Patiently Waiting

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    My heart is set, on that glorious day.
    When your work is done, and you're home to stay.
    I'll be waiting right here, with open arms.
    To hold you close, and keep you warm.
    I'll squeeze you gentle, but hold you tight.
    And kiss you all over, when the time is right.
    I'll express my love, so you know it's true.
    There's nothing on earth, I would not do for you.
    Because you're the one, you're one-of a kind.
    I'm proud to be able, to call you mine.
    What a expression, on your face,
    when I pulled the ring, out of the case.
    And I took your hand, then dropped to my knees.
    And said honey please, will you marry me.
    Like wind in wildfire , my love is spreading fast,
    Growing stronger and stronger, as each day pass.
    I've waited very patiently, but now you're home.
    Let's make up the time, that you were gone.


    By ~ James Richmond Jr.


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