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    My heart is set, on that glorious day.
    When your work is done, and you're home to stay.
    I'll be waiting right here, with open arms.
    To hold you close, and keep you warm.
    I'll squeeze you gentle, but hold you tight.
    And kiss you all over, when the time is right.
    I'll express my love, so you know it's true.
    There's nothing on earth, I would not do for you.
    Because you're the one, you're one-of a kind.
    I'm proud to be able, to call you mine.
    What a expression, on your face,
    when I pulled the ring, out of the case.
    And I took your hand, then dropped to my knees.
    And said honey please, will you marry me.
    Like wind in wildfire , my love is spreading fast,
    Growing stronger and stronger, as each day pass.
    I've waited very patiently, but now you're home.
    Let's make up the time, that you were gone.


    By ~ James Richmond Jr.


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    What Girls Always Wanted
    Guys think girls are complicated when it comes to relationships & love. They keep asking that one question, what is it that girls really want? They feel they don't understand us, well maybe it’s a bit true. As some don't make the time to learn, while others are without a clue.     Girls are simple creatures and easy to understand So get your pens n papers out, I'm here to give you a hand. Don't try to buy her love with material things, but love her from the heart. Prove to her that she's 'the one' and that you'll never part.     Take her by the hand and show her that you care Promise her just this one thing, that you'll always be there. Don't lie to her face, when she already knows the truth. Don't be afraid to say "I'm sorry”, instead of being uncouth.     She is also independent & so won't always rely on you. But pledge your love to her - solemn and true. She doesn't need extravagance; she doesn't need the world. all she wants is to hold her each day & call her “your girl".     She will get angry and upset 'for no reason' and choose to ignore you Doesn't mean her love has stopped, instead, it’s being renewed. Yes sometimes she's unreasonable & doesn't want to admit she's wrong. But she will love you with all her might because to you her heart belongs.     She may have a lot of friends, and some been mostly guys. But you will always be the only special guy in her life. Yes she will go out to have fun but she will never cheat. As its only with you that she will feel complete.     She’ll lie to you that she's okay, when the tears are rolling down. Don't ignore her cry for help, when she's pretending to be strong. All she needs is a comforting hug to take her sadness away. While you whisper the words "I’m here now everything will be okay".     A simple message or call is needed, just to check up on her at times. Tell her that you miss her and she makes your life worthwhile. Don't play her for a fool or shatter her fragile heart. Don't break all the promises you made to her, at the very start     Watch the sun rise with her and wrap her in your arms. Kiss her on her forehead and keep her safe from any harm. Sing to her your favorite songs and dance with her in the rain. Go for walks on the beach and have picnics with champagne     Treat her with respect, and give her your endless love And she will treat you like a king and think you were sent from above. Appreciate her everyday and don’t ever take her for granted. As that Guys’ is what we Girls have always really wanted.   By ~ Sasha Maharaj
    I love you so much
    I''ve never felt anything , Quite like this. The memories we''ve shared, Since that very first kiss.     You have made me happier, Than i though I could be. Every day, every second, You amaze me.     I love you more than words could describe, I love you more than there are stars in the sky. I love you with every bit of my heart, So much that I know we will never be apart.     One of these days, I''m gonna marry you. I''ll love you everyday more and more, Even after I hear those words," i do"     Never think of life without me and you, Cause I promise itl never be. No matter what anyone says, Our love will never stop, I guarantee.   By ~ andrewzimmerman
    The Way You Make Me Feel
    You make me feel special, You make me feel new, You make me feel loved, With everything you do.     You hold me close when I am sad. You wipe the tears from my face. Every time we are together, It seems like the perfect place.     My eyes light up when you enter a room. I smile when we are together. No matter how bad things are, You always make them better.     I love the way you kiss me, The way you hold me tight. I love the way you touch me, I could be with you all night.     I love the way you can make me laugh For absolutely no reason at all. I love how no matter what I do, You will be there to catch me when I fall.     I just want you to know, That even though we sometimes fight, I will always love you! No matter what, day or night.   By ~ Amanda Standridge
    Love Apart
    Even though we are miles apart You are never far from my heart I loved you then I love you now It’s always when and Never how Take me back to yesterday All the wonderful things you had to say I loved you then I love you now It’s always when And never how I see your eyes I feel you near Although you're not Really here   By ~ Rhonda L. Luther  

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