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always my desire is you

My desire is that you were here; here in my arms for eternity
Because when I’m in your arms; in your warm secure embrace
The world seems for once in harmony
I seem for

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I would do anything for you

If you were a blade of grass
I would explore the earth for you.
If you were a tree
I would seek out every leaf until I found you.
If you were a flame
I would fl

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Love will always remains

With the Beloved’s water of life, no illness remains

In the Beloved’s rose garden of union, no thorn remains.

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sweetheart appeared

Suddenly the drunken sweetheart appeared out of my door.

She drank a cup of ruby wine and sat by my side.

Seeing and holding the lockets of her hair

My face became all

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My true love for you

I can't stop thinking about the things you do for me.
I always think about the things I love about you.
When I sit here and think about you,
my feeling and my lov

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Having A Crush o you

When I see you
I tend to smile
Not all day
But for a while
I watch you as you turn around
I remember every single sound
I watch you as you look at me
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I Already Love you

You are my inspiration,
the reason of my motion.
The heart of my whole body,
that makes up my fantasy.

I need you like the air I breath,
And will not just lea

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Can not Stop Going Back To Him

He gets her every time.
Those blue eyes hypnotize
She believes every lie
That he's ever told her
His touch she can't resist
And with just one kiss

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I love thee so much

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height

My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight

For the ends of being and ideal

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A Thing that is Called Love

You know the thing... Right?
The thing that makes you feel good
The thing that makes you feel all fuzzy
You Know
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