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whats greater than love in this world

“What greater thing is there for two human souls that
to feel that they are joined…
to strengthen each other…
to be at one with each other in silent unspe

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Rating: 3/5

The Honour Of Love for you

People find shame in it,
They deny it,
They spit on it,
They step all over it,

But in my eyes,
To be obsessed,
Is to be in love,

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I love you for what you are

“I love you for not
what you are
But what I become
When I am there with you.
So be with Me Forever.
Happy Propose Day 2014″

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My true love for you

I can't stop thinking about the things you do for me.
I always think about the things I love about you.
When I sit here and think about you,
my feeling and my lov

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always my desire is you

My desire is that you were here; here in my arms for eternity
Because when I’m in your arms; in your warm secure embrace
The world seems for once in harmony
I seem for

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For the beloved in your heart

To melt and be like a running brook That sings its melody to the night.

To know the pain of too much tenderness.

To be wounded by your own understanding of love And to bleed wil

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Love will always remains

With the Beloved’s water of life, no illness remains

In the Beloved’s rose garden of union, no thorn remains.

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The poem is for you my love

'Tis a poem for you, my dear
'Tis a poem for you
For the love I love to love
Dear, a poem for you
I have yet to see your face
Yet to hear your voice
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On the roads of my life

“Life Counts All D Roads V Travel
Sum R Smooth
Sum R Ruf
Sum I Wud Rather 4get
But Theres 1 Road
I Wont Regret
D Road Whr V Met N Bcame Frnds

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Can not Stop Going Back To Him

He gets her every time.
Those blue eyes hypnotize
She believes every lie
That he's ever told her
His touch she can't resist
And with just one kiss

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