My Valentine my love my all How

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    My Valentine, my love, my all,
    How did this come to be?
    This romance has me quite beguiled;
    You’ve captivated me.

    I breathe you every waking hour,
    And when I sleep, I dream
    That you are in my arms again...
    Sweet fantasies extreme.

    I’m sure that I was born for you;
    You have me so fulfilled.
    You kiss me and caress me,
    As wild feelings start to build.

    But that’s not all, my Valentine;
    My mind is also yours.
    And for this fine obsession,
    It seems there are no cures.

    So tell me that you feel the same;
    Tell me that you’re mine.
    Let me know you’ll always be
    My treasured Valentine.

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