Best Love Shayari in English ( 10 )

Best Love Shayari in English

Love Shayari in English is the best way to communicate your feelings to your loved ones by making use of English language. These shayaris are a kind of love poetries written in a rhythmical pattern (generally but not necessarily). Love poetries or shayaris are great to convey the feelings of everlasting love to someone.

Well, we talk about love, it not only refers to the romantic side of us, but also includes feelings we have for other important people in our life. So, no matter whether you want to convey your feelings to a friend, lover, mother or any other dear person, love shayaris in English will do the trick.

Consider an English Shayari given below:

“A Special Smile A Special Face, A Special someone I can’t replace, A Special Hug From me to u 4 the special person I have found in YOU”

This poetry is great to tell your dear one that how special he/she is in your life. Such love shayaris work perfectly when it comes to conveying our feelings to someone special.

  1. Love shayaris written in English language can also represent an emotional or sad side of a person. For example – read the love shayari given here:

“Sometimes You Hurt The Ones Who Loves You Most, Sometimes You Hold The Ones Who Leave You Lost, And Sometimes, You Learn But It’s Too Late.”

This is a sad version of a love shayari that makes use of English words. This shayari is great to send if someone is hurting you and you want that person to realize your worth.

If you are looking for such Shayaris, jump to our ‘Love Shayaris in English’ section. There, we have plenty of love shayaris written in English language which you can send to your beloved people. So, hurry! Start finding your favorite shayaris right away!


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