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Blessing Shayari

No matter how many intelligent thoughts you have, or how many good deeds you do, what people will remember about you is how you treated them. So, if you want to be loved and appreciated by others, then it’s important to do good to them. One way you can treat people well is by giving them blessings.

We all know that most of the things are sacred in one way or the other. There is a perpetual offer from the universe for us to exercise our divinity. Giving blessings is a graceful solution to indifference and disconnectedness. Blessings heat that flame in our hearts and helps us rise up the evolutionary scale. Moreover, by giving blessings, we can transform ourselves and people surrounding us into holy beings.

Well, the best way to shower blessings is by saying blissful words whenever you meet a person. Imagine you pass by some kids while waking in a park, you can simply say ‘God bless’ to them. Besides blessing a person directly, you can also phone or message to bless him/her. For example- you can bless your closed ones by sending them blessing shayaris via email or chat.

There is a great power in showering blessings. Through the act of giving a blessing, unconditional love is conveyed from one body to another. When you give blessings, you become a channel for the divine love. And because, the blessings have to come through you first, you ultimately become blessed in this process.

So, set aside some time every morning and send blessing shayaris to people in order to shower blessings onto them. Think about God each them you send these shayaris to them. By doing this in a routine manner, you are sure to create a holy world for them as well as for yourself.

For now, enjoy some blessing shayaris from here. Stay blessed!

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