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Bollywood Shayari

Bollywood Shayari

Our Bollywood industry has numerous films which are brimming with dialogues and shayaris that reflect love, passion and desire. And these shayaris touched the heart of millions, especially the lovers and the ones who are eager to seek love. Well, the story writers consider these shayaris as the lifeline of the films. Without such dialogues, a flick is meaningless and cannot bring any sort of appreciation from the audience. It is only with the help of these shayaris or dialogues that most of the Bollywood movies of today are doing successful business.

Though, we watch a bunch of movies every year, it is only a few flicks which have dialogues/shayaris that get etched in our hearts forever. These shayaris might be the only thing we appreciate after watching those movies, even if they are not mouthed by our favorite stars.

Remember the shayari from ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’:

Kaate nahin kat-te lamhe intezaar ke,

Nazaren bichaye baithe hain raste pe yaar ke,

Dil ne kaha dekhe jo jalwe husne yaar ke,

Laya hai unhe kaun falak se utaar ke

Even at that time Salman Khan was a new comer and had a very little work experience, he still managed to grab our heart through this heart-touching shayari. Like this, there are several more dialogues and shayaris from Bollywood movies which have fascinated us all. And if you are a fan of such shayaris, get ready to read them from our Bollywood shayari section. Here, we have assembled some of the best shayaris/dialogues from your favorite movies. Go through them and pen down the ones you love. You can also show off your Bollywood craze by sharing these shayaris with other people. Post these shayaris on your Facebook wall or Twitter handle and let the whole world see them. You can even send these Bollywood shayaris to your friends via chat or any social messenger app. 

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