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Are you yearning to be a cool guy who flows through his life with ease and grace? Or you have always wanted to be a cool girl who always seems to do the right stuff. Well, it’s not at all difficult to become a cool person in life. If you think about all of your friends who are cool, you will find several attributes in common such as they will be unique, confident and usually on friendly terms with other people. Although, there is no particular definition of a cool person, but there are certain things you can do so to become a cool fellow like your pals.

First of all, be a person of action and not someone of ideas.  Don’t think much before doing anything. There is no doubt that thinking a little before jumping to something is good, but thinking a lot about something and not doing it is not a cool idea.

Secondly, try to solve your problems on your own. Don’t be needy or desperate. If you are not needy in life, people will be attracted to you. But that doesn’t mean you have to be invincible, just don’t beg anyone for help.

At last, try to share cool stuff with people you know like cool shayaris etc. These shayaris are a great way of showing your awesome side to others. By sharing such shayaris among your friends, colleagues and relatives, you will shoow them that no matter what circumstances come in your life, you are going to stay cool and calm.

You can rely on our Cool Shayari section for these shayaris. Select the ones of your type and start sending them to all the people around you. You can also share these shayaris on your Facebook Wall to show off your cooler side to other people. 


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