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Cute Shayari

Shayaris act as a medium for conveying our emotions, feelings and sentiments to others, which cannot be conveyed otherwise. They are a great route for individuals to communicate their deepest emotions in a sweet yet effective way.

Often it happens that we are not able to say what’s on our mind and in our heart. The task of expressing our emotions becomes quite challenging sometimes. It is here when shayaris come into play. The troublesome assignment on displaying our feelings becomes easy by the execution of shayaris. These beautiful Urdu poetries make our task simple and also ensure that the person, to whom our sentiments are communicated, gets awed.  Moreover, shayris also spin around the topics of warmth, human assessments, ardor of adoration, desire and craving of triumph etc.

Besides this, shayaris help us demonstrate grief stricken circumstances we come across at one point in our life or the other. For example- if someone is hurt or sad, they can express to others what they are going through sad shayaris. Similarly, if a person is missing somebody, he/she can send missing you shayaris to that person to let them know about his/her feelings.

Shayaris are exceptionally prominent in India along with other nations as well such as Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. Today, people have developed a huge craze for shayaris. Not only the youth, middle-aged people and even the older generation read shayaris with great pleasure.  

If you are also a huge fan of shayaris and want to read the best ones, rely on our cute shayari section. This section has an extraordinary collection of some of the cutest shayaris you will ever come across. Besides these cute shayaris, you can also explore several more varieties of shayaris on Love Wale – sad shayaris, romantic shayaris, inspiring shayaris and Bollywood shayaris, to name a few.

So, start reading your favorite shayaris right away!


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