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Doctor Shayari

Doctor Shayari

Who says doctors are the most serious type of people on this planet? No doubt that they are sincere regarding their work, but that doesn’t mean they are serious all the time. Doctors do have a sense of humor and can make anyone laugh. They can be passionate lovers just like us. Well, if you have a doctor friend, get ready to entertain him/her with doctor shayaris given here. These shayaris will lift up their mood and will help them relax in their free time. Consider the shayari as given below:

“Jis Hospital ke Hum Doctor hain, Humari Patni Waha ki Nurse hain, Kya ajeeb julm sahna padta hain, Apni hi Biwi ko Sister kehna padta hai.”

You can share this shayari with a friend who is working as a doctor in a hospital along with his wife. After reading this amazing shayari, the recipient is sure to laugh out loud.

Also, read the doctor shayari as follows:

“Mere Dil, Jiger, Kidney, Liver ho tum, waqt-bewaqt aaye vo fever ho tum, Doob kar jisme marr jaoo vo River ho tum, Mere jeevan mein ab to forever ho tum.”

If you are a doctor and have a special someone in your life, you can impress her with this shayari. Your darling is sure to get wooed after reading these funny yet wonderful proposal lines.

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Start sending the shayaris given in this segment. Stay tuned with us for more interesting and unique stuff like jokes, SMSs, quotes, videos, pictures, and lots more. Enjoy!

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