Dosti Shayari ( 136 )

Dosti Shayari

Dosti Shayari

“Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge

Todenge dam magar tera saath na chhodenge

Ae meri jeet teri jeet, teri haar meri haar

Sun ae mere yaar

Tera gham mera gham, meri jaan teri jaan

Aisa apna pyaar

Jaan pe bhi khelenge, tere liye le lenge

Jaan pe bhi khelenge, tere liye le lenge

Sab se dushmani”

You might have heard this popular song from movie “Sholay”. This song signifies the meaning of ‘dosti’ or simply, friendship. It shows us that the friendship between these two friends is unbreakable. Both are ready to die but not ready to leave each other’s company. They share an incredible bond and their love is like as if ones victory, success, pain, sadness and even life is same for the other friend.  They can die for each other and can become enemies of everyone for the sake of their friendship. Wow, what a wonderful friendship these people have!

If you also share this kind of dosti or friendship with anyone, then you are lucky. How about telling that friend about your feelings? Why not make that person realize of his/her importance in your life? For showing your gratitude to that friend, you can send him/her dosti shayaris. These shayaris will not only help celebrate your friendship with your friend, but will also tell your dear one how much he/she means to you.

And to help you send the best dosti shayaris to your friends, we are up with our latest and unique collection of shayaris. Explore our Dosti Shayari section and choose your favorite shayaris from here. You can share these shayaris with your friends via SMS, email or any social networking app like Facebook, WhatsApp, Hike or Twitter.

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