First Love Shayari ( 29 )

First Love Shayari

First Love Shayari

Is there someone you have loved for the very first time in your life? Your first love? If yes, then the memories of that person must undoubtedly be alive in your heart till date. Now we ask you – why haven’t you still forgotten your first love? This is because there is something so powerful about the feelings of first love, may be happy memories or the unforgettable heartbreak that keeps the spark alive in you. An unfinished love keeps alluring you for several years or you can say, forever.

Imagine the time you spent with your first love. The first time you saw each other, the first time you both went out for a date and also the time when you both kissed for the first time – those special moments are unforgettable. Plus, the little things you did for your special someone to make them happy. The memories of all these things have been imprinted in your heart, and this is why you are not able to forget your first love.

Well, there is no doubt that the memories of your first love will never fade, but you can use them in a positive way. That is, if you are unable to forget your first love, write about it and let your emotions flow. Let yourself experience those memories once again. And by doing so, you are sure to feel lighter. You can even read first love shayaris from here to experience the feelings of first love. Once you get used to reading these shayaris, you will become stronger day by day. And as they say, time will heal everything, or at least, it will help you become strong and positive in your life.

So, start reading these first love shayaris. You can even share the feelings of your first love with someone by sending these shayaris to that person via SMS or any social messenger application. 

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