Good Morning Shayari ( 153 )

  • Nzro Ko Nzaro Ki Kmi Nhi Hoti, Fulo Ko Baharo Ki Kmi nhi Hoti, Fir Q Hme Yad Karoge Aap, Aap To Aasman Ho, Or Asman Ko to Sitaro Ki Kmi Nhi Hoti..... GOOD M0RNING

  • Uth dekho subha ka nzara, hawa b thndi mosam b pyara, so gaya chand chup gya h sitara, kabul karo ap mera subha ka pyara good morning hmara.....

  • July 13, 2013

    Pani ki bunde phoolon ko bhiga rahi hain, Thandi lehren ek tazgi jaga rahi hain, Ho jaye aap bhi inme shamil, Ek pyari si subh aapko jagah rahi hai.

  • Kainaat k sare rang, Rangon k sare Phool, Phoolon ki sari Khushboo Khushbu ki sare khushi. Khushi k har lamhe, or in lamhon se bharpoor, Zindagi ki Dua sirf Ap k Naam....... GOOD M0RNING

  • Raat ne chadar samet li hai, Suraj ne kirne bikher di hai, chalo utho aur thanks karo apne Bhagwan ko, jisne hume ye Pyari si subah di hai.......Good Morning

  • July 13, 2013

    Chamakti Kirne Aur Mahekte Phool, Dosti Ke Waade Aur Dosti Ke Usool, Pyari Hava O Se Aati Khusbu Ki Dhul, Apni Mithi Si Muskurahat Se Kiji Ye, Hamara Good Morning Kubul.

  • July 13, 2013

    NEEND bhari aankhon ko jara dhire se kholo, Is pyari si subah ki nami se apni palkon ko dho lo, Humne to BOLA gOOd MoRning, Ab apki baari hai GOod mOrNING TO BOLO.

  • NEEND bhari aanhon ko jara dhire se kholo, Is pyri si subah ki nmi se apni plko ko do lo,Hmne to bola good morning,ab apki baari hai GOOD MORNING TO BOL......

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