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Goodbye Shayari

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we have to bid a final goodbye to someone, whether due to change of location, end of relationship or even death. In some cases the goodbyes can be temporary while in others they are permanent. Well, one has to go through several emotions during a goodbye – disappointment, sadness, regret, grief or anger. And then there are goodbyes where there are joyful, positive or happy feelings. And yes, some goodbyes can even help us to begin something new or beneficial.

Most of the people hate goodbyes and therefore, avoid them. And when they refuse to say goodbyes from their heart, some kind of pain gets stuck inside them. For example- if someone close to your heart passes away and you failed to fix the relation with them while they were alive, now you will have to regret your whole life as you were unable to resolve the differences. Now imagine the opposite of this situation. If you would have tried to fix your relationship, you would have said that person a final goodbye with all your heart. And this would not have resulted in any kind of inner pain in you.

So, goodbyes can be amazing teachers which can help us fix relationships that are active but filled with pain, anger or regret at the same time. They can help us to become better partners, friends and relatives. All we need is to say goodbyes from our hearts whenever such situations come.

If you are facing any situation like this – where you have to bid goodbye to someone, do it from all your heart. You can use our goodbye shayaris to say goodbye in an interesting yet effective way. Read the shayaris from this Goodbye Shayari section and select your favorite ones to convey goodbyes to people who are going away from you.

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