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Kiss Day Shayari

Kiss day comes a day before Valentine’s Day i.e. on 13th of February. This day is one of the most special days for love birds. On this day, they employ kissing as a tool to express their love to each other. Not only lovers, other people also cherish this day by offering kisses to their loved ones. On this day, you can kiss your parents as well as friends to express your deep love for them.

Well, kissing is a normal thing among lovers these days.  Today, almost every love relationship begins with a kiss and ends in a marriage. But kiss day is the day specially reserved for kissing. To kiss your lover is a warm feeling that conveys to him/her the depth of your love and care. Moreover, a kiss has the power to express the feelings which can’t be expressed by words. So, on kiss day make sure to shower tons of kisses on your partner. If you want to make the day memorable for your darling, write some kiss day shayaris on a greeting card and send that card to him/her. We all know that nothing can beat shayaris when it comes to expressing love so what can be a better day than kiss day to convey your love through shayaris? 

So, search some kiss day shayaris on web and send them to your partner on kiss day. You can also sing these shayaris to them directly or via a phone call. What’s more? You can even share these shayaris with your darling via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.  No matter which method you choose to woo your honey, what matters is that you delight them with these shayaris.

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