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Lonely Shayari

Loneliness is a state of mind when someone despite being surrounded by people feels all alone. That doesn’t mean that if a person is sitting idle, he/she is lonely, but someone who has lost hope or the person who is full of negativity is a lonely person.

Well, feeling lonely has very little to do with how many friends one has. It’s the way someone feels inside. Some people who feel lonesome may not interact with people near them while some are in a crowd of people, but don’t feel connected.

Moreover, many people are lonely even when they have numerous connections and activities. Having thousands of friends on a social networking site isn’t a same thing as having friends to gossip and hang out. One of the loneliest things that can happen to you is when you are surrounded by a lot of people but you don’t feel like connecting with them, or when you are with a friend/partner and you feel no connection.

Lonely may not signify someone who has nobody to spend the holidays with, it can be about the losses that person is going through or had experienced. Being lonely is about not feeling connected to others in a meaningful way.

If you also feel lonely, then you are not alone. There are several things you can do to deal with your loneliness. First of all, comfort yourself by saying that being alone is not at all bad. Move forward and explore yourself. Meditate and participate in social activities. At last, talk to the person who is close to you and share your feelings with him/her. Convey your emotions and tell the person what’s going in your mind through lonely shayaris from Love Wale. These lonely shayaris will display to your dear person how you are feeling and he/she will surely make efforts to help you out some way or the other.

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