Loving Shayari ( 81 )

Loving Shayari

To love is nothing….

Being loved is something…..

To love and being loved is everything……

These lines are definitely true because nothing is better than loving someone and being loved in return. Moreover, when someone loves and the other person doesn’t feel it – that’s not a love relationship. But the love or relationship completes when it is reached from both the sides. It’s good to love as it a beautiful feeling, but it’s even better when we get that same feeling from the person we love. Almost every person loves someone or the other, but lucky are the ones who get love in return. There is nothing better than knowing that you are loved by someone. This feeling of being important to someone gives you a purpose to live.

Well, when we talk about sharing the feeling of love with a loving partner, we are also speaking of expressing that feeling. And when it comes to expressing love, nothing beats a loving shayari. Shayaris based on love connects to your heart and express what’s in there through poetic words. Loving shayaris can express anything and everything, in their own special way. These shayaris are not only capable of displaying feelings to lovers, but they also help in getting their affection in return. For example – if you sing out a sweet loving shayari for your partner, he/she will not only get wooed by your love, but he/she will also give love back to you.

So, if you also share a loving bond when with your partner, express your sentiments to him/her with loving shayaris given here. These lovely lines will not only win your darling’s heart, but will also bring tons of hugs and kisses in return.  So, start selecting your favorite shayaris and sing them out in front of your lover. You can even share these shayaris with your beloved through social networking apps.


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