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Missing you shayari

Long distance relationships are always challenging. It is not easy to be in such relationships because we often are not able to enjoy the sweetest acts with our partner. For example – hugging and kissing them, taking a walk with them, and may other things. Even worse, we feel alone and the pain of being away from our lover becomes intolerable. At this time, we wish if we could take our beloved in our arms and hold them forever. Also, we want to feel them and enjoy their presence.

In such cases, however, it is not possible to act the way we want, but we should put every effort to remind our partner of our presence. We should constantly remind them of our feelings, and assure them that no matter how many miles apart we are from them, our love for each other is never going to change. If you are in a long-distance relationship, call your lover on a regular basis and tell them that you are missing them.

If you want to show your partner that you are missing them in a special way, sing out missing you shayaris to them whenever you talk to them on the phone. Such shayaris will convey your emotions in an extraordinary way. You can also send these shayaris to them via SMS or messenger apps. This way, you will assure them about your feelings and they will ultimately realize that distance cannot pose a difficulty in your relationship.

To get these shayaris, take help of our Missing You shayari section. We know that our collection is sure to lure you and you will be able to get plenty of shayaris to send to your darling. Our section also holds missing you shayaris for friends and other loved ones. Start searching shayaris of your choice now itself!

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