Mothers Day Shayari ( 38 )

Mothers Day Shayari

When we talk about mothers, we are speaking of another form of God. A mother is a creature who makes you what you are, helps you visualize things in a better way and above all, understands you more than anyone else.

Giving birth to a child and nurturing him/her is considered to be the essence of motherhood. It is the challenge every mother faces, where she has to go through several hardships. Mother’s Day is the day when a child as well society acknowledges the efforts put out by a mother in giving birth and nurturing a new life. This is a special day for all the kids as well as their mothers as they get a chance to relish their everlasting and heart-warming bond of love, care and affection between them.

Every year, mother’s day falls on the second Sunday in the month of May. It is celebrated by people by presenting gifts and cards to their mothers and mother figures. With these things, they try convey thanks to their mothers for all those countless sacrifices they did for them. Well, there is no doubt that gifting our mothers on this special day is appreciable, but these things result in the commercialization of the occasion as a result of which, its essence gets subdued. Celebrating this day is more about conveying our gratitude and expressing our love to our mothers than piling on materialistic things. This is the reason many people prefer doing something extra ordinary for their moms on Mother’s Day.

If you also want to please your mom in a special way, consider singing out a lovely Mothers Day shayari to her. Such shayari will let you open a grand new door in your mother’s heart, where you will find warmth and love always. Express your feelings to your mother with the help of Mothers Day shayari from Love Wale. We have plenty of shayaris especially crafted for Mother’s Day. Choose the ones you like the most and sing them to your mom on mother’s day to win her heart forever.


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