Propose Day Shayari ( 105 )

  • Saanson se pyari yaadaen hain tmhari,Dhadkan se pyari baatein hai tmhari,Tumhe yekin na ho,Is zindagi se pyari, dosti hai tumari.

  • All I wanted was someone to care 4 me, All I wanted was someone who  there 4 me, All I ever wanted was someone who true,All I ever wanted was someone like U Happy Propose Day

  • Kitni haseen yeh aapki surat hai,Hamare dil mein aapki hi murat hai,Na jana kyu door chod gye hume,Umer bhar hume apke sath ki jarurat hai...........

  • Tadap rahi hai meri aankhein,Inme aapka hi to chehra hai Mujhe yaad to aapki aayegi hi,Aapse pyar hi itna gehra hai....

  • You Are The Twinkle Of My Eyes, You are the twinkle of my eyes, The smile on my lips, The joy of my face, Without you i am incomplete.....

  • karliya hai tumne ab humse pyar,naraz hoke ek din chod na jaane, sheeshe ka hai ye dil hamara,bhool kar bi ek din ise thod na jana i love you..............

  • Unhe Chaahna Hamaari Kamzori Hai,Unse Keh Nahin Pana Hamari Majboori Hai,Woh Kyun Nahin Samajhti Meri Khamoshi Ko,Kya Pyar Ka Izhaar Karna Zaroori Hai?

  • Jab se dekha hai teri aankhon mein jhank kar, Koi bhi aaina acha nahin lagta.Teri mohabbat mein aise hue hai deewane. Ke Tumhe koi aur dekhe toh acha nahin lagta.............

Propose Day Shayari

When is the best time to propose marriage to someone you love? The answer is quite obvious – it’s on propose day. As the name says it all, propose day is the day meant to enter in a lifelong commitment with your partner. It is also the time when you express your feelings for the very first time to someone you like. And when it comes to proposing someone, one needs the right way to get the thing done. No doubt that offering your special someone a diamond ring at a restaurant will bring a ‘yes’ from his/her side, but you need to do something extra.  Go for something that can make the propose day memorable for both you and your partner. Well, there is no better way to make this happen than through lovely shayaris.

We all know that expressing our deepest feelings is the trickiest task. It is a shayari that makes everything easy. Romantic shayaris clearly presents your state of mind in front of your beloved. Imagine a scenario when you are offering your darling a proposal ring on a beach. Instead of asking for the commitment directly, you sing a lovely shayari to let him/her you what’s going in your mind. Proposal like this is not only great to express feelings to someone, but also to win that person’s heart forever.

Propose day shayaris are also great for men and women who hesitate in expressing their feelings to their lovers in person. If you belong to this category, propose your special someone by means of shayaris. You can send proposal shayaris on your crush’s or lover’s mobile phone in order to propose. And if you need help, just rely on this section. Featured here are some of the best propose day shayaris which are apt to propose your dream man/woman with.


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