Rain Shayari ( 49 )

Rain Shayari

Who doesn’t love rains? Almost everyone devise situations to encounter the rain, to get wet in it and to eat tantalizing stuff as it comes down from the sky above. Rains are the blessing from God. It is during the monsoon season when the job of being alive doubles and we wish if we could enjoy this season throughout the year.

Moreover, there’s nothing better than sitting in your balcony and enjoying a hot cup of coffee or cutting chai with some hot & tangy pakoras while enjoying the delightful rain – a relief from the dreadful summer heat. Ahh! That feeling! And the pleasure gets doubled when you have your beloved by your side. During that time, you will wish if you could stop the time and live those moments forever.

Well, the delight that the rainy season brings is not just limited to human beings. Birds and animals too enjoy the rains with equal pleasure and enthusiasm. The dancing peacock is a common sight in the rains and this proves that this magical season is for everyone to enjoy. Other species employ their own way to express the happiness and joy rain brings.

So, if you are currently enjoying the monsoon season, get ready to welcome the rains with open arms. Get prepared with a hot cup of tea/coffee along with spicy and delicious snacks. Also, don’t forget to read rain shayaris to enjoy the season to the fullest. Not just this! Don’t forget to spread happiness of the season by sharing these shayaris with your loved ones. No matter whether your dear ones are enjoying rains in their region or not, these shayaris will also let them experience the joy of rain. And to read such shayaris, visit our Rain Shayari section and go through the shayaris given there.

Happy reading! Enjoy rain!

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