Sad Shayari ( 317 )

  • July 13, 2013

    Yeh Jo Diye Hain Aapne Jakham Humko,  Yeh Jakham Hamare Kabhi Bhi Sil Na Sakenge, Yun Bichhude Ho Sagar Se Is Kadar,  Ki Chahkar Bhi Kabhi Hum Mil Na Sakenge

  • Kya Fark Hota H Khuda or Peer me,  Kya Fark Hota Hai Kismat or Takdeer Me,  Agar Kuch Chaho or Na Mile zamane se to samjna,  Kuch or Achha Likha he Hath Ki Lakir me.

  • July 13, 2013

    Hum Jaante Nahi Kya Hua Hai, Aap Khush Rahein Bas Yeh Hi Dua Hai,  Chahat Pal Do Pal Ki Khushi Thi, Aaj Yeh Saja Hai Saja Hai Saja Hai..

  • Pal Pal Sanse Khatam Ho Rahi Hai..  Zindgi Maut Ke, Pehlu Pe Soo Rahi Hai..  Us Bewafa Se Na Puch Meri Maut Ki, Wajah..  Wo To Zamane Ko, Dikhane Ke Liye Roo Rahi Hai...

  • Kitne Hi Jakham Diye Teri Tanhai Ne, Har Sham Hum Mar Jane Ko Taraste Hen, Kitne Hi Khavab Tut Jate He Andhero Main, Jab Aansu Tere Diye Jakhmon Par Baraste Hen.

  • July 13, 2013

    Humain mohabbat mili na payar mila,hum ko jo b mila bewafa payar mila. Apni to ban gai tamasha zindagi,hr koi apne maqsad ka talab gar mila.

  • July 13, 2013

    Tanhayion se nahin hum mehfil se darte hain duniya se nahin hum khud se darte hain  Yun to bahut kuchh khoya hai humnena jaane kyun tumhe khone se darte hain.....

  • July 13, 2013

    Laut Jaati Hai Duniya Gam Hamare Dekhkar,  Jaise Laut Jaati Hai Lahre Kinare Dekhkar,  Tu Kandha Na Dena Mere Janaje Ko,  Kahi Phir Jinda Na Ho Jaun Tera Sahara Dekhkar

Life is a blend of both good and bad times. There are happy as well as sad moments in this beautiful yet predicable gift of God. If at times one enjoys life to the fullest, there will be times when one faces difficult situations. The bad time plays the role of thorns which makes us feel down and least contented. Well, the reasons behind these rough situations vary from person to person. Some people can be sad because of work stress while some may be unhappy due to heartbreak. Now the question arises – what one should do in this difficult phase of life? If you are experiencing any pain, listening or reading sad shayaris can help. By doing so, you can express to self your deepest feelings in a poetic way. No doubt reading a sad shayari will strike your heart, but it will surely soothe your senses which will ultimately uplift you emotionally and make you strong in the end.

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