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Life is a blend of both good and bad times. There are happy as well as sad moments in this beautiful yet predicable gift of God. If at times one enjoys life to the fullest, there will be times when one faces difficult situations. The bad time plays the role of thorns which makes us feel down and least contented. Well, the reasons behind these rough situations vary from person to person. Some people can be sad because of work stress while some may be unhappy due to heartbreak. Now the question arises – what one should do in this difficult phase of life? If you are experiencing any pain, listening or reading sad shayaris can help. By doing so, you can express to self your deepest feelings in a poetic way. No doubt reading a sad shayari will strike your heart, but it will surely soothe your senses which will ultimately uplift you emotionally and make you strong in the end.

Today, majority of the people look for sad love shayaris on the internet. Such shayaris are always confronting whenever they feel lost because of their partner. If you are also looking for sad love shayaris collection, then you are at the right place. Pick a sad romantic shayari from this section and send it to your beloved. This may help you in making him/her understand your feelings! You can even share these sad love shayaris with people who are experiencing loss of love in their life. Send these shayaris to them via SMS, email or through a social messenger app such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

Enter our Sad Shayari section and feel the extremities of pain, heartbreak, stress, and other sad situations. Our exclusive collection comprises of several emotions you could experience when going through a sad phase. No matter whether you have lost your love or about to file a divorce, we know what you need to read. These shayaris will take care of your heart till it heals completely.

So, get in touch with these sad shayaris now itself!


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