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Many a time, a love relationship becomes a challenge where you have to deal with it anyhow. Often, it happens that boyfriends get upset and it seems as if there’s nothing left in the world. Girlfriends become uneasy and concerned. If are also facing the same situation, then it’s time to win your man back. Well, there are several things you can do to fix the situation and make everything normal as before. Some of them are:

  • Be honest with yourself. This is not the time to cry. You have to think about all the negative things that happened between you and your partner and what you did that made him upset.
  • Second thing you should do is to apologize. Say sorry to your boyfriend. If are about to do this just because you want him to forgive you, don’t do it. Your man needs to know that you are sincerely regretting what you did. So, your apology should be genuine and it should directly come from your heart.
  • Convince him with something extraordinary like shayaris. Shayaris are a great way to express emotions in a special way. Pen down what you are feeling in a form of shayari (in some poetic tone) and sing it out in front of your boyfriend. Your shayari will create a magic in him and he will forgive you for sure.

Now, if you think you don’t have the ability to write shayaris then, take ideas from our Boyfriend Shayari section. Here, we have compiled an inimitable collection of shayaris according to different situations. Select the boyfriend shayari that suits your situation and sing it to your man. You can even post the shayari on your boyfriend’s Facebook Wall and let the whole world see it.

Go through these shayaris right away. Browse Love Wale for more stuff such as love messages, quotes, pictures etc. 

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