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Two Line Shayari

Two line shayari is all the rage these days. Today, most people make use of internet to find short shayaris and share them with their dear ones. But what is the reason behind the growing craze for two-line shayaris? Such shayaris are liked by majority of the people because they are able to express one’s emotions in a short yet efficient way.

Well, when it comes to the popularity of shayaris, the reasons are quite obvious. Shayaris are one of the most expressive and viable approaches to express our feelings to someone. Through shayaris, we can display what’s going in our mind in front of the listener. Also, reading shayaris gives joy to our brain.

Today, any person who feels fondness towards someone whether love, affection, or any other feeling can show his/her emotions by sending two-line shayaris of the same class. A two-line shayari can be found related to almost every emotion, thus making it easy for a person to send one to his/her dear ones.

If you are also eager to send two- line shayaris to your loved ones, then take help of the collection featured in our Two Line Shayari section. Here, you will find all the varieties of two line shayaris such as two line sad shayaris, 2-line romantic shayaris and two line funny shayaris, to name a few.  Find the shayaris according to your choice and share them with people via SMSs, WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, Twitter or any other social networking app. You can even post these two-line shayaris on your Twitter handle or Facebook wall and let the world read them. So, what else you want? Quickly browse through this section and find your favorite shayaris.

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