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Wedding Shayari

Is there someone on your list who is about to get hitched soon? If yes, how about conveying your wishes to the groom-to-be or bride-to-be through a shayari? Sending a wedding shayari to the person who is about to get married will not only convey your warm wishes to him/her, but will also display the fun side of yours. Well, shayaris are great to add spice and fun to the words. A lovely shayari can grab the listener’s or reader’s attention in just no time. With the words having a deep meaning, shayaris are great to touch somone’s heart.

Read the wedding shayari as given below:

“Mubarak Ho Tumko Ye Khoshyo Bhari Raat, Sajan Lene Aaye Hai Sajni Ka Haat, Salamat Rahe Dono Ki Ye Joddi, Rahe Dhola Dholhan Pyaar Se Eak Saath”......

By sending this kind of shayari to the groom or bride, you are promising to share the happiness with them on their special day. Not just this, you are also showering your blessings and wishing for their everlasting relationship with their soul mate.

You can also spread the news of your marriage with the help of wedding shayaris. Consider the shayari like:

“Suj Chuki Hai Baaraat Bus Baraatiyon Ki Kami Hai Aajao Mere Dosto Meri Maiyat Akeli Padi Hai, Uthaa Ke Le Chalo Aaj Mujhe Maut Ke Ghar Tum, Dulhan Se Milne Ki Mujhme Chah Aaj Badi Hai.......”

This shayari is great to tell the world that the day has come for which you were eagerly waiting. 

To find all such wedding shayaris, you can rely on our Wedding Shayari section. This category has some of the best marriage shayaris you will ever come across. Send your favorite shayari to convey your wishes to someone or share it with others to spread the news of your wedding amongst them. Enjoy!

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