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Angry SMS

Do you know what anger feels like? Anger is a reaction to something negative in a circumstance or situation. It is usually referred to as a rampant horse on which if you do not take control, it will control you. But remember, it is controllable most of the times. For example – if you are angry with your partner, by telling him/her so, you can avoid a situation which could be otherwise become worse.

When it comes to anger in a relationship, just try your best to understand things from the other person’s point of view. Although, it is difficult to put yourself in someone else’s place, but it is still possible if you try. Just because you have some misunderstandings in your relationship, it doesn’t mean that you have to be angry with your partner. Also, never ever call your partner names because it can worsen the situation.

Moreover, never begin a sentence with phrases like “You are” or “You never”. Instead focus on explaining how you feel by saying “I want” or “I need”. This will convey to your partner that you want to handle the situation politely. Well, sometimes in order to keep everything normal, it’s good to walk away from a situation that results in anger.

Well, you can also tell your partner that anger is not good by sending him/her angry SMSs from this section. These angry messages will make your honey realize that holding onto anger is bad for your relationship. And he/she will forget the situation and will strive hard to set things right.

So, what are you waiting for? If that special someone is angry due to some reasons, start sending him/her these angry SMSs/messages.

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