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It was in the year 1992 when the first SMS was sent from a mobile device. Since then, text messaging has become immensely popular across the globe, especially among the younger generation, with millions of SMSs sent every day. The reason behind its growing usage is that people often try to stay in touch with their loved ones and a text message acts as a medium to keep the connection alive. Moreover, this sort of communication is the quickest and most suitable way for those who have busy schedules. Not to mention, SMS sending is always within ones budget.

Today, SMSs are not just pieces of conversation but they have become the way of expressing feelings and emotions to the people we love. This method of showing love has taken over our generation and almost everyone send love SMSs to the people they care for.

Well, a love SMS doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic message, it can be an intimate communication between friends and family members as well.

But what makes a Love SMS the best? A love message if used in a good and genuine way can be a great tool of expressing your sentiments. But if they are used in an inappropriate way, they can have damaging consequences. In other words, your love texts should come from the bottom of your heart and should not hurt anyone’s feelings (this can happen unintentionally also). Always remember – a love message that is hurtful is bound to have a huge impact on your dear ones.

If you don’t know which kind of love SMSs you should send to your beloved people, we will help you out. Given here is our ever-growing best love SMS collection. These SMS messages will not only strengthen your relationship with someone, but will also offer a pleasant vibe to the recipient. So, start reading these best love SMSs now itself!

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