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Blessing SMS

Blessing is the projection of something good into someone’s life. It isn’t only words, but it is actually putting forth of one’s will for the good of another. Blessings always involve God because when we shower something good onto someone, we realize that only the Almighty has the capability of bringing that. And that is why most people say ‘God bless you’ while giving blessings to others.

When we pray for someone, that conversation takes place between us and God. When we give blessings to someone, however, the conversation takes place between us and that person, while the God listening in. You can bless a person when you want his/her good under the invocation of the Lord. While giving blessings, you invoke the Lord on that person’s behalf to support the good that you want for him/her. This is what we call the nature of blessings.

Well, the act of giving blessings isn’t just a verbal performance. It is a generous expression of our whole being that goes into blessing the other person. So, like other things, don’t give blessings in a hurry. Many people usually develop a habit of saying ‘God bless’ casually. This is wrong!

Moreover, one can say several more things while showering a blessing onto someone. But remember, a pure blessing should be a combination of thoughtful words. Don’t give blessings out of habit. Do this act from your heart while thinking of God. You can use blessings messages given in this section to bless the people around you. Choose the blessing SMS of your type and say or send it to your beloved people. These blessing SMSs/messages are sure to do good to the recipient.

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