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    Your arms were always open when I needed a hug. Your heart understood when I needed a friend. Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson. Your strength and love has guided me and gave me wings. Happy Parents Day 2015

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    Mother may Educated or Uneducated but, she is the best teacher from who we can learn How she show Care & Affection Always..

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    Give your mother a little something to show that you are thinking about her, and you'll be sure to make her smile.

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Boyfriend SMS

Do you want your boyfriend to love you more with every passing day? Or do you want your boyfriend to commit to you forever? If you really want to make him go crazy over you, then there are few things you can do:

Pampering: Men love women who can pamper them. So, if you can pamper your boyfriend, then it is likely that he will love you more. Treat him like a small kid, cook his favorite dishes and buy him stylish clothes. Also, surprise him with gifts and offer him loving massages. These sweet acts of yours will surely win his heart.

Be honest: Honesty beats everything when it comes to a love relationship. Be completely honest with your man. If you are honest in your relationship, your boyfriend will do everything it takes to protect you and make you feel special. As long as you are honest with him, he is going to care for you more.

Show your feelings: You should show to your boyfriend how you feel inside. That is, you have to show him that you love him wholeheartedly. Expressing feelings is crucial in a love relationship to keep the spark alive. Talk to him on phone daily and say ‘I love you’. Also, send him love messages every day to express your love and care. By doing these things in a routine manner, your boyfriend will realize that you truly love him. He will be assured about your feelings and will ultimately love you more.

To send lovely texts to your man, take ideas from our messages given in this Boyfriend SMS section. These messages are just apt to make your boyfriend realize what he means to you. By sending these boyfriend SMSs daily, your honey will never think about leaving you.

Start following these tips right today so as to win your boyfriend’s heart forever!


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