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Do you want to become a cool person in your life? Someone who is confident and composed? Well, to become a cool person for self as well as for others, you have to follow certain guidelines given below:

Firstly, be yourself. Be unique in your own way and don’t copy others. Do your own things. Make your own friends. Live your own life and don’t lose sight of yourself. Being cool is all about being confident and letting other people know how awesome you are.

Next step to do is not to over think about a matter. Just do the thing you want to do. Although, it’s good to think a little before doing anything, over thinking about something and finally not doing it is not acceptable.

Be a good listener. People love the person who knows what to say and when. Don’t interrupt in a conversation. Listen first and then comment briefly.

Be friendly. People adore the persons who are outgoing and not someone who is overexcited. Do not force self on people. Whenever you meet a new person, act polite and don’t be too excited. If you are too eager to spend time with that person, then it may seem as if you don’t have any other friend.

 Last, but not the least, share cool stuff with your friends and other people around you. Sending cool messages to people you know will help you show off your cooler side to them. Such messages will convey to them that how cool, confident and composed you are in your life. They will in turn like you more and will ask you for your advice and motivation.

So, get ready to send cool stuff to your family, friends and colleagues. If you are unable to decide what to send and what no to, take ideas from our Cool SMS section. Here will have plenty of cool SMS and messages you can share with people. Enjoy!

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