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First Love SMS

First love is the person you fell in love with for the very first time. That is, the first person you had feelings for. It doesn’t matter those feelings came when you were ten, or twenty-six. It doesn’t matter if he/she also had feelings for you. All that matters is that at one point in your life, he/she was the first person who captured your heart.

Well, feeling of first love can’t be defined. No one can understand it until it happens to them. But if we have to demonstrate the feelings of first love; we will regard it as one of the most beautiful things that can ever happen to someone. First love is like a magic and if the feelings are from both the sides, the happiness gets doubled. Imagine someone you loved for the first time and that person also loved you back. The first time you exchanged smiles, the first time you both went for a date, the first time you kissed each other - those moments undoubtedly must have got imprinted in your heart.

But first love is not the last love for most of the people. First love is just first and is not synonymous with forever. Lucky are the ones whose first love is their last love too. If you are currently in a relationship with your first love, then we must say that you are damn lucky. Our advice is to never let that person go no matter what obstacles come in your way. Shower your partner with love everyday and express your emotions to him/her without any gap.

You can make use of the messages given in this First Love SMS section. These messages are just apt to tell someone that he/she is your first as well as last love.

Besides this, this section will has several more varieties of first love SMS which you can rely on so as to express your feelings of first love. 

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