Funny Love SMS ( 475 )

  • July 13, 2013

    Girlfriend is Hot Water,Lover is Mineral Water,Wife is Corporation Water,Relationship is Kaveri Water,But FRIENDSHIP is pure Rain Water!

  • Dec 06, 2013

    If there is one mistake in my whole life that i can't tolerate.It is when i have loved,though I knew it wouldn't be appreciated....

  • Dec 07, 2013

    Driver: Sir ji,Petrol khatam ho gaya,gaadi aage nahi ja sakti. Banta: Chalo Phir,wapis le chalo.

  • July 13, 2013

    I Have Saved My Girl Friend Number As "LOW BATTERY"So Whenever She Calls & I Am Not Around My Wife Plugs My Phone To The Charger...

  • Dec 09, 2013

    A grl in a wedding ceremony want 2 go 2 da toilet.She asked a sardar,sardarji su su kernay ki jagah dikhao.sardar replied: u naughty girl pehle tum dikhao...

  • July 13, 2013

     Woman has man in it, Mrs has Mr in it, female has male in it, Madam has Adam in it, so girls r always incomplete without boys.

  • July 13, 2013

    Fact of Life :----- If a girl cries, there may be thousand reasons. But if a boy cries, there is only one reason: GIRL

  • July 13, 2013

    At dis moment in time 10 million people r having sex.5 million people r drinking coffee.100 million people r sleeping & 1 stupid fool is reading my text!pass on

It goes without saying that humour in relationships is very important. It is like ‘spice’: the right amount can turn a tasteless meal to a tantalizing one. Ask someone to make a list of qualities they would look in a partner, chances are ‘someone with a good sense of humour’ would be high on their list. Why? Because life is not meant to be taken seriously all the time! Moreover, the partners who share a sense of humour are believed to stay together longer.

A sense of Humour, not to mention – if used correctly, can help soothe unpleasant situations. It can really make a big difference not just in a love life but in other relationships as well. So, it calls for a little lightheartedness to have a balanced love life or any other relationship. Just, keep the humour blameless, harmless and never use it as a weapon. Once you are clear with these rules, it becomes safer and easier to have fun with your loved ones.

Well, humour in relationships can be achieved by saying funny things. But remember, jokes or messages have to be life enhancing – they should never ever make things worse! So, it is always wise to think twice before you say those funny things to any dear one. But if you know your mate may take your words in the wrong way, don’t say them at all.

And when it comes to using sense of humour with your beloved people, why take a chance? Use a funny love quote from this page to spice up your words with the apt humour. Win your lover’s heart (or any other dear one’s) with these funny love SMSs. You can use them in both writing and speaking.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick a quote and get ready to make your beloved giggle and laugh right away. After all, laughter is good!