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Good Luck SMS

Wishing good luck is the expression of care and encouragement shown to someone when he/she is about to face an exciting change in the near future. Good luck wishes are many, so giving one to a person depends on his/her situation. For example – when someone prepares for a test, we wish that person good luck. Or when a couple gets married, we wish them luck. Here, we know that a successful test or marriage doesn’t depend on luck, still we say it anyway.

Remember how many times you have wished good luck to people? You might have wished your buddy who is going for a job interview. Or you might have wished a woman who has just delivered a baby. Although, most things in life are not dependent on luck, but that doesn’t stop us from wishing people best of luck or good luck. For any venture someone we know takes on, we wish them good luck. By conveying these wishes to someone, we are opening the doors all the blessings for that person – happiness, success, joy, peace, health, love etc. And wishing from the bottom of heart is a perfect guarantee that only good things will be bestowed unto the recipient.

So, if you know someone who is going to experience a new change in life, get ready to wish that person good luck. Choose your good luck wishes from our Good Luck SMS section and let the person know that you care for him/her. Through these good luck SMSs, you will not only be able to wish the best of luck on all his/her endeavors, but will also provide encouragement to that person.  

Start reading the messages and select the ones you like the most to convey your good wishes to someone you really care for. Happy reading! Enjoy!

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