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Hug Day SMS

Hug Day is that special day of the Valentines Week when people hug to show deep affection for one another. On this day couples hug their partners tightly to express their feelings of eternal love whereas friends give hug to each other to show that they care. No matter with whom a hug is exchanged, it has several benefits. Firstly, a hug can stabilize a relationship you share with someone. Secondly, hugs can reduce stress and depression. When you are hugged by someone, your body will produce oxytocin – a hormone that is related to love. That means, when you hug a person, you will feel the abundant supply of love surrounding you. This will in turn make you happy and will even make your heart healthy in the long run.

When we talk about hugs enriching relationships, have you ever thought how it is possible? Imagine you are not able to express yourself to someone clearly or you don’t share your feelings with someone. In such cases, hugs can elevate your communication with that person. By offering hugs to someone, you can display your unspoken or deepest feelings that are hidden inside you.

So, make sure to wrap your dear ones tightly on 12th of February. Besides giving them hugs, pamper them with cute hug day SMS to make their day more special. Select some messages from here and share them with your loved ones on hug day. These hug day SMSs are not only great to wish someone a ‘happy hug day’, but they are also effective in conveying your feelings of love and affection to that person.

Start selecting your favorite SMSs now. Browse further for hug day poems, hug day quotes, hug day pictures, hug day tips, hug day shayari, and lots more interesting stuff related to the ‘Month of Love!



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