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Life is a gift of God to man and what we do with it is our gift to God. These words are definitely true and inspire us in cherishing our life which is nothing but an amazing gift given to us by the Almighty. They also inspire us to live our life in such a way that when our time comes, God can feel proud on us. But now the question arises – how to live life that pleases the God? For this, first take your life as a blessing. Think it as an opportunity or a plan – that develops and expresses all the virtues.

Think seriously that nothing is more precious than life itself. If you truly understand that life is an amazing gift from above, then you will not miss out a thing. Sometimes it may happen that you may not regard your life as a gift when negative situations come. Or when you don’t see any progress and you keep following the same routine each day. During such times, what matters is how you respond to the things that come in your way. Remember, each day is irreplaceable and things can change anytime. And since we don’t know how much time God has given to us, we must learn to act wisely – be it the case of time, situations or things. Live every moment fully and instead of wasting any of it, take advantage of the opportunities bestowed in your way. Once, you get aware of all these things, you will know the true meaning of life and how to live it. And ultimately, you will make the Lord happy in the end.

As you enjoy your life, don’t forget to inspire other people as well. Take help of the life sayings given in this Life SMS section and send these messages to others in order to motivate them. You can share these life SMS with them via chats, SMS or email. So, get inspired and inspire others about life!

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