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Lonely SMS

Loneliness is one of the hardest feelings one could ever experience. It is an unpleasant and complex emotional response to lack of companionship or isolation. It generally includes anxious feelings about communality with others or lack of connectedness in present that extends into the future. Also, the feeling of being alone could even be felt when one is surrounded by people. This happens because we do not long to interact with people near us, or even if we interact, we don’t feel connected. In other words, loneliness has little to do with the number of friends we have. It is about the way we feel inside. For example, a new college student may feel lonely despite being surrounded by his roommates. Or a soldier who is about to start his military career may feel alone after being positioned in a foreign country, despite being surrounded by fellow soldiers.  

Well, the feeling of loneliness can cause a person to feel alone, empty and unwanted. He/she may crave for human contact, but his/her state of mind makes it difficult for him/her to develop connection with other people. Several poets have described loneliness as feeling invisible or lacking social support. So, someone who feels all alone needs friends who can notice them, take care of them, understand them and provide support when required.

Now the question arises – how to overcome loneliness? If you feel alone and unwanted, first be positive in your life. Spend time with things that matter to you regardless of the people with whom you don’t feel connected. Tell the people who are close to you that how you are feeling inside. You can convey your emotions to them with the help of lonely messages. These messages will display to them what you are going through and they will take care of you more.

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