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Long distance relationship is sometimes the hardest thing one could go for. It is a kind of relationship that challenges love, loyalty and trust. It is here when things get complicated and one can become lonely and sad at times. Also, lovers are not able to seek the simple things that mean so much in a relationship like being able to hold their partner’s hand, feeling each other’s touch, eating and resting together etc. In other words, being away from each other sometimes becomes unbearable.

 Well, in such cases, both the partners should be strong enough to meet the challenges that come in their way. They should strive hard to make things work out in their relationship. Each respective partner should build trust and confidence in their lover and assure each other that no matter how far they are, their feelings will never change. And this they can do by constantly expressing their emotions to each other.  If you are in a long distance relationship, show your lover how much she/he means to you. Remind your honey every day that you miss them and are longing to be with them as soon as possible. Talk to them on the phone and also send them missing you messages on a daily basis. These things will act as a reminder to them about your feelings and assure them that any obstacle will not let affect your relationship.

So, what are you thinking? Get ready to make a call to your darling now. Also, show her/him how close she/he is to your heart by sending a missing you SMS. For missing you texts, take ideas from our Missing you SMS section. Here, we have compiled an extraordinary collection of messages that you can use to your lover how much you remember them.

Your partner might not expect you to express yourself as often as they do, but letting them know every now and then how much they mean to you is the least you can do!!!


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