Mothers Day SMS ( 207 )

Mothers Day SMS

Mother’s day is the day meant for all the mothers in the world. This day celebrates the magnificent model of love, care and sacrifice called motherhood. It is a special day that offers us an opportunity to give thanks and express gratitude to that angelic figure who has made us what we are today. Moreover, Mother’s day means making all the moms feel special and proud.

If we ponder upon the significance of this special day, we will realize that each and every day is a Mother’s Day. Our moms are relentlessly carrying out their duties and working towards our well-being day and night, without fail and break. So, we should be grateful to them every moment of our lives, for all the sacrifices they are doing for us.

Today, Mothers Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm all across the globe. Children shower special gifts, flowers and cards on their mothers and make them happy. Many people pamper their moms in extra-special way like making a great meal for their mothers, sending them self-written thank-you  notes, singing out-mother’s day shayaris etc.

 Well, showering materialistic things on your mother would definitely make her happy, but she would be happier by the acts on which you put your effort and time. So, why not present your momma a self-made greeting card with lovely mother’s day messages in it. This is sure to please your mom to the core.

And to help you out, we have brought some great Mothers Day messages for you. Take a look on the messages given in our Mothers Day SMS section and write them on your greeting card. You can also send these messages to your mother and other mother figures via SMS in order to express your gratitude. Also, consider our Mother’s Day shayari section to send/sing lovely shayaris to your mother.


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