Promise Day SMS ( 133 )

Promise Day SMS

St Valentine’s Day, or simply Valentine’s Day is the festival that celebrates love between lovers worldwide. Celebrated on 14th of February annually, it is the day when couples express their love to each other through flowers, greeting cards, chocolates etc.

Promise day is one of the most important days of the Valentine’s Week. This day is the day to make a promise to your partner about your lifelong love for them. On this day, you can make any promise to your lover like you are going to love them forever, or you will give them a satisfying life, and so on. All the love birds can enjoy Promise Day by making a true promise to their partners.

Well, have you ever thought why promises are important in your relationship? As we all know that everyone craves for a happy and healthy relationship with his/her partner. The problem is that such relationships aren’t automatic. Staying on the track calls for a commitment. It requires making a promise with ourselves and our lover that we will actively nurture the relationship. A promise acts a reminder to us and enables us to strive hard and make our relationship strong so that it can last forever. That’s why a promise is crucial in a love relationship. And what can be a better time to make it than on promise day?

So, friends! Get ready to devise some promises which you can make to your partner on 11th of February. Remember to make only those promises that you can intend to keep. If your promise gets broken at some point in your life or the other, it is going to hurt both you and your partner. Also, don’t forget to send promise day SMSs to your lover on that day.

Promise day SMSs given here are perfect to make your lover’s day special. Select your favorite ones to send!


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