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Life is a fancy mix of both happy and sad moments. If at times, you are happy to the core, there will be a time when you are least contended. And when we talk about sadness, it can result from various reasons. Some people may feel down because of failure, while others may be unhappy due to a broken heart, despair, loss or loneliness. Whatever the causes of sadness are, such feelings are really hard to express to anyone. Moreover, they stop us from enjoying our life and many of us may feel that our life isn’t worth living.

Sadness is most painful when it comes to love relationships. Sometimes, no matter how much a relationship glitters, mistakes happen and we are separated from our beloved. After separation, we feel as if we are being dragged into an ocean of sadness. It is the most difficult dealing with a love affair or a broken relationship that was not meant to happen. During these times, we get tamed in cage of memories of the past and send sad messages to people to express our feelings.

If you are also going through this sad phase of life and are heartbroken or hurt, we are here to help you. To let you express your state of mind to your dear ones, we have compiled some sad SMSs in this section. Send these sad messages to the people who care for you and make them realize what you are going through. They will surely understand your pain and help you cope with it. You can even share sad poems or sad shayaris with them via SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook.

Please note that the purpose of our ‘Sad SMS’ section is not to increase your pain, but to help you overcome it. We hope our messages will assist you in getting through the difficult times of your relationship.


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