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These days, majority of the people search web for short text messages/SMSs to send to their loved ones. The reason behind the growing popularity of such messages is that they serve the purpose of expressing feelings in a short yet powerful way. When a person sends a short or say, a two-line sms to someone, he/she tries to express what they want to say using the least number of words. By sending such messages, they not only convey their emotions effectively, but are also able to save the recipient’s time (and of course theirs).

So, if you were also searching for a two line SMS or message for your beloved people, then your search is over. Quickly turn to our Two Line SMS section and browse the best collection of messages given here. In this section, you will find several varieties of two line SMSs like sad, emotional, funny and lots more.

Have a look on some of the types of two line SMSs you will find in this section:

  • Two Line Love SMS – a perfect way to express your feelings through short and effective text.
  • Two Line Sad SMS – express your state of mind with these sad messages which are short and powerful
  • Two Line Funny SMS – show off your humorous side to your dear ones through a funny 2-line SMS

Not just these! You will find many more types of two line messages that you can share with the people you love or care for. So, start scrolling through the section and find the apt messages to send to your dear ones. You can send these 2-line SMSs via social messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Hike Messenger etc. You can even mail these messages to anyone using the copying and pasting technique. Hurry, start sending these two line SMSs now!


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