Love Tips ( 2118 )

  • Nov 11, 2013

    If you give genuinely from a place of pure love,without the need for accolades,recognition or return,you experience the true gift of giving.If you give without the burden of guilt or because Ďitís expectedí of you,you experience the true freedom of giving.

  • Apr 20, 2015

    Labor Day is typically packed with celebratory events like backyard barbecues, final excursions to the lake, picnics at the park, and beach parties. You can choose any one of this as per your interest.

  • Nov 18, 2013

    Touch your husband when you make the request.Touch have a power of affection to take it to the next level.....

  • July 13, 2013

    If you use it, put it up. If you drop it, pick it up. If you spill it, clean it up.

  • July 13, 2013

    "You can also try painting, doesn't matter if you are not good at it. Just sit down with your beloved and both of you should try to make each other's sketch, there will be some funny moments but mind you they will be worth cherishing."

  • July 13, 2013

    Send a dozen roses: 11 red roses and 1 white one. The note: "In every bunch there's one who stands out - and you are that one.

  • July 13, 2013

    "Call your beloved every hour and everytime give a different reason why you love them so much, even better if you can send one red rose every hour!"

  • July 13, 2013

    Flowers are a great way of saying how much you love her and making her feel special. So go ahead and gift her a bunch of her favorite flowers.

  • Nov 14, 2013

    Ribbon wrap your bed with a big bow of love & throw some romantic arrows on your beloved...

  • July 13, 2013

    Paint your nails a super-girly color. It will help you get in touch with your flirty side ó and make you think about how great your hands will look playfully wrapped around the bicep of a cutie

  • Dec 26, 2013

    Make a secret fantasy come true: Often a person may have some secret fantasies that they canít seem to get out of their heads.It might be something they've always fantasized about but never experienced & the impression has lasted ever since.Talk to your partner about her/his fantasy and make it come true,unless of course it is beyond your comfort level,since the experience should be enjoyable for the both of you...

  • July 13, 2013

    In order to show an interest in someone, it may start with a brief eye contact lasting a second or so. If the particular person holds the eye contact or he looks away and looks back again it is a good sign he is interested.

  • July 13, 2013

    Dessert Kiss:- Find a place that serves your love's favorite dessert.During dessert,feed each other and agree to kiss between bites....

  • Apr 11, 2014

    Use your tongue to get that last crumb off your lips while eating dinner with him.