Love Tips ( 2118 )

  • Jul 7, 2015

    Straighten your lines in prayer - Make sure to stand shoulder to shoulder and in straight lines facing the Qibla for the Eid prayer.

  • July 13, 2013

    As the saying goes, 'diamonds are a woman's best friend' and they're forever. Not that we're asking you to gift her one even if it burns out your bank account. You can gift her some classy jewelry and, in turn, see the sparkle on her face.

  • May 16, 2015

    Go gourmet. - A lovingly home-cooked meal, or a casual picnic under the stars, plan a dinner date worthy of the occasion.

  • July 13, 2013

    Focus on your own pleasure in bed. If you're too busy showing off your skills, you'll forget to enjoy yourself (and rob him of the pleasure of driving you wild.

  • Dec 21, 2013

    Start writing diary: Diaries are intimate and personal.Diaries help us unburden our heart.You and your sweetheart can get into the habit of writing a diary.Years down the line,these simple day to day events jotted down (even if hurriedly) will bring a smile to your lips...

  • July 13, 2013

    Conflict doesn’t have to be negative or destructive. With the right resolution skills, conflict can also be an opportunity for growth in a relationship.

  • May 16, 2015

    A personalized keychain is a token of affection your boyfriend can keep with him at all times. Keep the engraving fun and flirty and leave the more sentimental messages for later in the relationship. Engrave something creative, such as, "Love your kisses.”

  • July 13, 2013

    Letter Kiss- Send your lover a kiss in a love letter by writing the letter x several times in a row at the bottom of a letter such as XXXXX.....

  • July 13, 2013

    Reverse Lips Kiss- It involves standing above your lover and kissing them from over their head.This way,each kisser can take the hyper-sensitive bottom lip of their lover in their mouths and GENTLY draw blood to the surface of the lip by nibbling and sucking.A very sensuous, connecting kiss....

  • Nov 18, 2013

    Funny people always have a streak of mischievousness in them.They like pulling someone’s leg or having a laugh at something funny around them. Mischievous people always see a double meaning in any conversation.Try to think out of the box and see the funny side in everything you do...

  • July 13, 2013

    Restaurants are crowded on Valentine’s Day.If you really want a romantic meal,order in,put some candles around your place & play some soft music.....

  • Dec 02, 2014

    The tourists can feel and experience what a real Indian culture feels like when moving along the streets in procession. Let’s spread the truthness of this festive around the world…

  • Dec 26, 2013

    Mock-up a magazine cover with a photo of the two of you to frame: This is another personalized gift idea that can adorn the walls of your bedroom.Mock a magazine cover,superimpose a photo of the two of you there,in place of the celebrity in the actual cover,print and frame...

  • Dec 23, 2013

    Plan you future together: Make future plans for the betterment of your days ahead as a couple this valentine’s day.It is a strong indication of your commitment and sense of responsibility....